Packs and Prices

La Esperanza Ranch offers the opportunity to enjoy an authentic hunting experience, surrounded by the amenities of modern world such as: - Mule Deer Trophies Pack - Bighorn Desert Sheep Pack - Coues (white tail) Pack - Oryx (African) Pack.

Our pack includes:

  • - Airport-ranch-airport Confortable transportation.
  • - Excellent regional foods, national and imported drinks included.
  • - Equipment Vehicle specially for transportation during the hunt.
  • - An experienced guide that will be with you during your hunting session.
  • - We prepare your animal for transportation or shipping to the address that you prefer.
  • - Animals permits and paperwork for you, temporary import of firearms.
  • - Firearms rent.
  • - Photographic Safari.

Coues Deer

Hunt for : Coues Deer

Price : $6,000 dls

Desert Sheep

Hunt for : Borrego Cimarrón

Price : $35,000 dls

Mule Deer Hunting

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Hunt for : Mule deer

Gold Package : Score +190 $20,000 dls

Silver Package : $12,000 dls (Bucks 3X3 or 4X3 over 180 inches)

Bronze Package : $6,000 dls (Bucks 3X3 or 4X3 under 179 inches)